Media Profiles



Information agency was registered in Public Register in May 14, 2013. Holder of the 100 % share of the company is its director Giorgi Kartvelishvili. Agency has been publishing materials on the web-site since May, 2014.

On the parliamentary elections 2016, the agency has registered 3 405 journalists in Central Election Commission and received accreditation accordingly.

According to the information agency 2030news, which is established by GDS, founder of, Giorgi Kartvelishvili is employee of press office of United National Movement and other members and activists of the party received accreditation in the name of the agency. Speaking to Media Development Foundation, Kartvelishvili rejected working for UNM's press office but confirmed cooperation with the party.

Within the persons accredited by Allmedia, there are 2 members of the UNM's proportional list - Teona Ustiashvili and Salome Sigua. Salome Sigua is employee of UNM's press office.