Media Cases

9 October, 2016 Interference with recording of Netgazeti journalist and offense in Tbilisi

The incident took place on October 9 at about 01:30 pm at the Pasteur Str. near the office of online media outlet “Netgazeti”. According to the editorial board, about 20 ...

8 October, 2016 Physical abuse and damage of cameras of Iberia and GDS TV and interference with journalistic duties of Rustavi 2 near election precinct in Kutaisi

On October 8, unidentified individuals physically abused and damaged cameras of journalists and cameramen of TV Iberia and GDS, while taking away microphone of Rustavi 2 ...


Mariam Lortkipanidze | 24 Dec, 2015

Is summoning of Rustavi 2 journalists by the prosecutors legal?

On 17 December two Rustavi 2 journalists were summoned as witnesses to the Prosecutors Office on two different cases. From journalist David Kashiashvili investigation wanted get information ...

Mariam Lortkipanidze | 22 Oct, 2015

Alarming dimensions of blackmailing journalists in Georgia

Events unfolding around Rustavi 2 TV Company have so far been a subject of interest of advocates for free speech and freedom of expression in Georgia. However, the situation has become even ...

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