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Info 9

The news agency Info 9 was registered in the Public Registry of Georgia on 1 May 2012, under the name of “Channel 9 Info LLC”. The owner of 100 percent of shares in Channel 9 Info LLC was Channel 9 LLC. The director of the latter was Kakha Bekauri (currently, a member of the Georgian National Communications Commission). For its part, Channel 9 LLC was owned by Akcepti LLC with 20 percent of shares in it belonging to Kakha Kobiashvili and the remaining 80 percent owned by Ekaterine Khvedelidze, the wife of ex-Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili.

On 19 August 2013, i.e. in several months after the October 2012 parliamentary elections, the then Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili declared about the closedown of the news agency Info 9 and the TV company Channel 9. Upon the decision of the director of Channel 9, Luba Eliashvili, the TV company stopped broadcasting on the same evening whereas the news agency Info 9 continued its operation.

A bit later, the Info 9 management addressed the family of Bidzina Ivanishvili with the request to hand it over the assets of the agency with the purchase price to be paid in instalments in order to enable the agency to continue its operation. On 11 September 2013, the Public Registry of Georgia registered a new company Info 9 LLC the shares in which belonged to the then director of the Channel 9 Info LLC Manana Eliashvili (30 percent), the then director of Channel 9 TV company (Channel 9 LLC) Luba Eliashvili (40 percent), Tengiz Kiria (20 percent) and Shalva Jokhadze (10 percent). Taking into account the request of the Info 9 management, the Ivanishvili family handed over to the management the right to use the brand, the title – “Info 9”, the URL address and archive of the agency for free.

In September 2014, the owners of Info 9 sold their shares to Baia Tsanava for the total of 150,000 USD. Since then there have not been any changes made to the ownership of the shares in the company.

Until now, Baia Tsanava is the head of PR department of the Ministry of Corrections and Probation. According to media reports, she was appointed to this position on 14 August 2015. Since her appointment to this position until 30 October 2015, she was simultaneously a member of the board of supervisors of Imedi TV Company. Over the same period she owned 15 percent of the shares in the news agency InterPressNews (IPN).


September 9, 2014- Present - Baia Tsanava 100%

September 11, 2013 - Manana Eliashvili 30%, Luba Eliashvili 40%, Tengiz Kiria 20%, Shalva Jokhadze 10%


YearPublic Funds
201770 334 GEL (as of November 15)
201634 083 GEL
201566 286 GEL