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Iberia TV

Iberia TV was founded in 1996 and initially it was owned by private persons, as well as JSC Georgian Post Bank. Later, Omega Motors Ltd became one of the owners of the TV channel. Since 2013 the television has been wholly owned by Benmontia Ltd.   

In 2004, the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the transfer of the TV channel’s general license to another company. The prosecutor’s office charged ex-Justice Minister in connection with this case in February 2016. In 2004, Iberia TV was divided into two subjects and the following companies were announced as its legal successors: TV Company Aisi Ltd in a part of TV license, which was granted N702 terrestrial general television and radio broadcasting license, and Iberia TV Ltd, which received the rest of the property. As a result, Davit Kakauridze, who was a friend of Dimitry Kitoshvili, former chairman of Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC), became the director of TV Company Aisi, 100% shareholder and accordingly, owner of the television and radio broadcasting license. Later he was replaced by Bidzina Nizharadze. The investigators also probed into the riot police actions in the TV channel’s office, sealing of the TV channel’s equipment that, according to the investigation, led Iberia TV and Akhali Epoka newspaper to suspend their activities.

TV Company Aisi, which owned private broadcasting license B106, had been owned by Georgian Media Production Group since 2012. The latter was owned by Imedi TV. After Imedi TV was returned to the family of late tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, TV Company Aisi and the frequency belonging to it also appeared in the hands of the Patarkatsishvili family. After receiving Imedi TV back, the Patarkatsishvili family handed over Aisi license to Iberia TV.

The TV channel relaunched broadcasting in 2015.  

September 26, 2013 - Present - Benmont Ltd. 100% (Zaza Okuashvili 70%, Nato Chkheidze 30%)

April 13, 2010 - Mooven International Ltd. 25%, Orimount Properties Inc. 25%, Omega-Motors Ltd. 50%,

December 7, 2004 - Mooven International Ltd. 25%, Orimount Properties Inc. 25%, Omega-Motors Ltd. 25%, David Kakauridze 25%

September 1, 2003 - Omega-Motors Ltd. 25%, Mooven International Ltd. 25%, Orimount Properties Inc. 25%, Ilion Ltd. 25%

December 15, 2000 - Eltonrise Limited 25%, Mooven International Ltd. 25%, Orimount Properties Inc. 25%, Ilion Ltd. 25%

May 15, 2000 - Kakhaber Gagloshvili 56%, Vladimer Gagloshvili 22%, Mamuka Maisuradze 22%

December 5, 1996 - JSC Georgian Post Bank 20%, Egtel Ltd. 20%, Technoleasing Ltd. 10%, Kakhaber Gagloshvili 28%, Vladimer Gagloshvili 11%, Mamuka Maisuradze 11%

April 2, 1996 -  Kakhaber Gagloshvili 47,5%, Vladimer Gagloshvili 17,5%, Mamuka Maisuradze 17,5%, Vadim Kovali 17,5%

YearTotal commercial income GNCC dataPublic Funds
20161 874 729 GEL5 000 GEL
20172 702 593 GEL3 073 GEL (as of November 15)