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Newspaper "Rezonansi"

Rezonansi is a Georgian daily newspaper and its first edition came out in 1990. It includes the following sections: politics, economy, society, culture, foreign countries and sports. The newspaper also offers its Monday edition “Business Rezonansi”.

The newspaper was founded by Malkhaz Ramishvili, Zurab Macharadze and Alexander Rusetski. Initially, Rezonansi came out on a weekly basis and it was published in Russian. In 1992 the newspaper became Georgian and its periodicity changed too – it came out three times a week.    

Rezonansi changed its publishing companies and/or the latter changed their names for several times: at different times the newspaper was published by: Rezonansi Ltd (3/11/1995); Express Interview Ltd (in May 1996 the Rezonansi newspaper changed its name); since 2004 the companies associated with the newspaper are wholly owned by Zurab Macharadze. Among these companies are: Rezonansi Daily Newspaper Ltd (25/03/2004); Rezonansi Weekly Newspaper Ltd  (05/03/2008); New Rezonansi Newspaper Ltd (11/07/2014); Rezonansi Plus Newspaper Ltd (11/07/2015); Business Rezonansi Newspaper Ltd (20/12/2007); 100% of shares of the newspaper’s publisher are also owned by Renews news agency (05/03/2008) and Newspaper Radio 105 Ltd (05/03/2008). Since 2008 the company Rezonansi Daily Newspaper Ltd owns 100% of shares of Tkveni Postalioni Ltd.

In 2015 the newspaper’s revenues from publishing budget-funded ads amounted to GEL 80 057. 

Daily Newspaper Rezonansi​ Ltd.

March 25, 2004 - Present - Zurab Macharadze 100%


Newspaper Rezonansi Ltd.

December 11, 2006 - Change of company name into Express-Interview Ltd. 

September 9, 2002 - Zurab Macharadze 100%

May 24,1996 - Zurab Macharadze, Malkhaz Ramishvili


Newspaper Business-Rezonansi Ltd. 

December 20, 2007 - Newspaper Basta Ltd. 100%

YearPublic Funds
201776 626 GEL (as of November 15)
201691 992 GEL
201580 057 GEL