Problem of accuracy and impartiality in Imedi report

19 September, 2016 |

On June 17, Imedi TV covered accusations of the United National Movement of Kala Capital and a crime boss Kalatoza15 transferring 35 000 USD to two persons (Giorgi Gigauri and Vladimer Gegeshidze) who were among those having physically assaulted leaders of the UNM during the midterm local elections on May 22 in the village of Kortskheli, Zugdidi district. At the news briefing, the UNM declared that the transfer was carried out via Alfa Bank and presented a document evidencing the transfer.

As the material on this topic, produced by the online edition Netgazeti, showed, at the news briefing the UNM presented a financial scheme with the crime boss Kalatoza being on the top and Vice Prime Minister Kakha Kaladze involved. Vice Prime Minister Kakha Kaladze, who heads the election headquarters of the Georgian Dream, is a founder and partner of Kala Capital.

The Imedi report did not mention Kakha Kaladze as an addressee of UNM‟s accusations and entirely omitted the accusations about this top political official. Nor did the report explain the links between Kala Capital and the Vice Prime Minister. The material was focused on the denial of accusations. Apart from comments of politicians on the issue, the report provided a written explanation of Kala Capital as well as a comment of Alfa Bank to a news agency 20/30, according to which the presented documents were forgeries by the UNM.