Biased media coverage and violation of the balance in case of obiektivi

19 September, 2016 |

On 18 July, Obiektivi aired a report on possibilities of destabilization in Georgia. This topic was based on a statement made by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu and released by the Russian Interfax news agency, saying that alike Syrian crisis, armed conflict may happen in any country, including post-Soviet countries, Central Asia and South Caucasus and in such a case, Russia would undertake adequate measures.

In the introductory part of the report, an expert noted that in the process of destabilization, Russia may use proRussian political parties such as the forces rallying around Vladimer Bedukadze, Nino Burjanadze, Tamaz Mechiauri, Gogi Topadze.

After the abovementioned comment of the expert, the report took an absolutely different development. MP Gia Volski, a representative of Georgian Dream, Zurab Tkemaladze, a member of Georgian Dream coalition from the faction of Industry Will Save Georgia, and Gigi Maglakelidze, a member of Alliance of Patriots, accused the United National Movement of efforts to stage destabilization after the elections. According to Volski, the interests of Russia and the UNM coincided in that. The actuality in the report showed Zurab Tkemaladze agreeing to a suggestion of the journalist that the UNM was a source of destabilization. In particular, he told the journalist:

“One of political forces which you meant – and perhaps I mean too – longs for provocation and destabilization.”

The comment of a representative of Alliance of Patriots in the report was presented as the position of the entire nonparliamentary opposition. The report noted that UNM declined to comment. Apart from choosing respondents 46 selectively, the report tried to link the statement of the Russian Defense Minister with the opposition political party and consequently, portrayed this party as a threat.